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I don't know what I am

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Robert Benchley

awkward_gait.gif (9318 bytes) Gluyas Williams's drawings illustrated—and highlighted—many of Robert Benchley's books of short stories.

Despite his alleged confusion, Robert Benchley (1889-1945):

wrote and acted in the first all-talking film ("The Treasurer's Report," Fox-Movietone, 1928)
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)in 17 years, wrote and starred in 48 short films, winning the 1935 Academy Award for M-G-M's "How To Sleep"
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)wrote and acted in 38 feature films and wrote partial scripts or dialogue for dozens of others
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)starred on his own radio show for three years (1938-1940) with Artie Shaw as his bandleader
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)was a frequent guest artist on other radio shows, such as "Amos 'n' Andy" and The Fred Allen Show and recorded a classic version (Thurber's avowed favorite) of James Thurber's "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)in the late 1930s was writing three syndicated magazine columns simultaneously, while making films
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)published 73 "Wayward Press" (criticism) columns for The New Yorker under the pseudonym "Guy Fawkes," 1927-1939
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)from 1920-1929 was the weekly drama critic for Life magazine
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)was the regular drama critic for The New Yorker from 1929-1940
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)published 12 books of short stories in 21 years (three more were published posthumously)
cleardot.gif (43 bytes)published more than 600 stories in various magazines (and had several hundred others which were not published until long after his death).

And this from a man who claimed to be professionally lazy!


Robert Benchley explains the digestive system We must be careful of what we eat. We must eat a balanced diet. By a balanced diet I mean no bread, no butter, no potatoes, no meat, no vegetables, no solid food—just a handful of old lettuce now and then or a few dried beans is all we’d better try to take care of.”


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